Industries bank


Video surveillance is routinely used in the banking segment for many years. It may seem, therefore, that little can be added to the use of video in these institutions. However, the advances and innovations in IP video segment allow providing concrete solutions to specific problems of banking. Generically, the IP video processing makes it capable of video surveillance systems reagents, which always working on material recorded in other real-time and even predictive systems (that anticipate incidents), which from the point of view of safety is highly recommended.

Regarding security applications, IP cameras offer many performance improvements over their analog predecessors. For example, the network offered resolutions in high definition (HDTV) and even uplifting performance megapixel facing the identification of persons and actions when working with video. Using multimegapixel resolutions multiview options appear that allow a single camera offers multiple video streams as if it were several, each with resolution and number of images per second different.

One of the recent advances in IP camera technology is related to the so-called Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). This is a feature designed to provide clear images even in backlit conditions where the intensity of illumination can vary excessively, or when there are two areas, a very bright and a very dark at the same time in the same field vision. WDR enables the capture and display of both bright and dark areas of the same image, so that you can see details in both areas, bright areas are not saturated and are not pure dark ” shadows “. The cameras have this feature are ideal for areas where ATMs are installed, and partly come to respond to the demands of bank security specialists.

For branches there is a possibility “revolutionary”, it is recording in the cloud, or hosting, which eliminates the presence of a local engraver (in relation to: cost, installation, space, maintenance, etc.) In favor of recording in a data center, which is accessed through the Internet for viewing or downloading of recordings. As this is very dependent on the bandwidth available in the agencies, their use is suitable for applications with few cameras (1-4) per branch.

Industries public transport

Public Transport

Do you have to make decisions right decisions very quickly? Your organization, whether airport, seaport or mass transit, needs the best security solution that exists in the market today. A security solution that covers all areas and includes several systems, which helps to facilitate that correct decision making without affecting your operations. IP Access Video LLC offers everything necessary for you to make sound decisions without affecting the daily development of your operations.

We implement the recognition of vehicle license plates, video surveillance and access control systems, all in a unified security platform.

You can get a scalable security solution and maintain existing hardware and benefit from the most reliable integrators in the industry.

School transportation is One of the biggest concerns we parents have when we send our children to school or we say goodbye to them when leaving school daily is their safety. The responsibility of taking children grows and therefore it is necessary to take into account the necessary safety standards and recommendations for all those involved (transport agencies, accompanying adults, drivers, schools) to ensure that children are protected in all your tours.

Advantages of placing cameras in school transport vehicles:

See in real time what is happening in the vehicle, Observe the actions of drivers and companions As a control element it serves to avoid dangerous maneuvers Document the maneuvers and routes of the vehicle Create routes and work zones to avoid deviations from the predetermined routes For the carrier, it is a competitive advantage over other companies Obtain evidence in accidents Record video on SD cards or hard drives in high definition Observe the children in real time. Detection of incidents within the school transport.

Industries government


The government, government agencies, and departments of cities face unique challenges in the current Government environment. Increase efficiency and cost reduction in the acquisition of new technology requires a very important balance. The hiring of a company to have complete knowledge and sufficient experience in this sector is very important in order to meet this need for security so critical.

By Air, Water and Borders are considered two of the vulnerable areas of our country for easy access from the protection of the properties and elements of government.

IP Access Video LLC has the experience in providing security solutions to help protect installations of any size and challenges. While others depending on the confidence and security of the government, you can trust the reliability of IP video access LLC. For your government supports or ownership of the entity. As needs change and technological advances available, systems can be cost -effective.
Industries schools


Recent violent incidents at school. Have affected a number of large urban school districts and school communities. School districts in various states have been repeatedly mentioned in the news in the last three years by the violence of students and people who are somehow related to students or people who work there , violence against students and staff incidents of weapons , shooting students, and / or death to school students , teachers . Make this sector is of great concern Worldwide. Despite all efforts, these incidents continue to occur.
With security threats increasing among educational institutions, along with shrinking budgets and intense pressure to reduce costs at all levels and departments , institutes and universities and K -12 schools , it should include the solution to keep schools and universities secure adequate profit to the cost given the budget deficit in the government sectors.

Security Systems CCTV and IP Access Video LLC. Would implement would be intertwined, The surveillance video face recognition system, where the system issues an alarm for any individual that is not in that database.Another serious use authorization systems by areas and also arms control the entry of the institutions.

Industries hotel retail mall

Hotel Retail Mall

Hotels and Resorts.
This segment refers to recreational activities and entertainment for different people. Security in these solutions there are several types of safety requirements. From the point of view of safety and legal standpoint, it is necessary to control the movements of people inside and outside the perimeter adjacent through your property. It is necessary to have a security solution that controls entry and exit of visitors and employees and contractors who enter and exit the facility. Parking Zones income and control of goods / products are other areas that need attention.

As in Hotels & Resorts, this segment refers to shopping, fashion and various other requirements to monitor different individuals. The shopping centers have a very large area, which needs to be safe for people and / or buyers or visitors. As to employees and property. So security solution involves a large number of equipment. In IP Access Video LLC. Recommend different lines of products such as video surveillance control system, parking, vehicle control plates (LPR) and more.
Industries police

Law Enforcement

Security cameras and systems CCTV can also be useful for small cities. A city could use the security cameras to protect transportation facilities, such as such as bus stations, train station, airport or mass transit and maritime terminals. Also used for the protection of citizens against terrorist activities. Many cities in the world use video surveillance as their primary method of public safety.

By Video surveillance can be incorporated into many other non-governmental or official applications. Local governments and transportation departments have used surveillance cameras to monitor the activities of vehicular traffic.

Traffic cameras, which capture the vehicles that exceed the speed or run and on passing a red light, help raise money through traffic tickets for local and municipal governments. Some local governments, like many in the U.S. and Latin America have begun to partner with local businesses, offering a refund to companies that install surveillance cameras to monitor public areas and enhance pedestrian safety in high traffic areas.

As surveillance cameras in the applications of local and national government, the security cameras can also protect the facilities of municipal and local government, such as office buildings, courthouses, police stations, and museums. Mobile surveillance cameras are also a very safe technique used by police in protests, demonstrations and other civil disturbances.

Industries casinos


In casinos and insecure situations we face in these establishments, we face planned schemes, exchange of large amounts of money, changes induced distractions betting the dealer to cheat on tables, Robbing the players from criminals use while players are focused on their moves. Express Kidnappings delinquency by taking advantage of the winning players and making tactics to steal money from the players. This is why a solution for Casinos has to be very well implemented. So you have to see what is going on simultaneously at all times.
With multicast and broadcast multi features that help reduce the load on the network low latency and Security Cameras can handle high quality video with HD resolution or megapixels and frame rates of 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second. With this we obtain optimal video quality, without flooding the network beyond its capacity.

With IP Access Video LLC. You can preserve the analog matrix functionality, and convert to HD as we have migration strategies from Analog to Digital.

Industries city wide surveillance

City Wide Surveillance

Public safety is our priority. Therefore, it requires a Security System in Miami that can be expanded through his city with high definition cameras to identify the details of a system to help you manage hundreds or thousands of edge devices, whether basic or CCTV cameras systems plate recognition cameras, a system from which you can trust when you need it, an efficient system that can transmit and securely store your data security.

With IP Access Video LLC, you can easily expand your surveillance system throughout the city or the state of any size or in an unlimited number of installations and CCTV cameras.

You can also use a map function to easily identify and drive demand for security cameras. With map tools, you can also directly import satellite images of the city in the display system with an optimal Security System Installation in Miami.

IP Access Video LLC. Offers the license plate recognition system (LPR), video surveillance and access control through a unified security platform including the mobile systems that can reach stolen cars. Our IP security systems are packed with features to help actively in public safety and take preventive measures against criminal events.

Industries multifamily


The majority of individuals who are arrested for property crimes are men between 18 and 21 years of age. They usually live and know the area of ​​interest of the crime and are familiar with the neighborhood involved in the robbery or theft. They often enter the property on foot, unless they need a vehicle to transport stolen merchandise. The property criminal may have lived in the multiresidential community or they usually have a friend who is a current resident.

Most property criminals are moderately or poorly motivated. If they perceive a multiresidential community to be well protected, they can be discouraged or move on to what they think is an easier target.

There are four points to keep in mind regarding the motivation of property criminals. The motivation that the criminal has to commit a robbery is at its lowest level during the first visit to the property. The motivation of the criminal to commit the crime increases with the familiarity of the property. Success in committing one or several criminal acts in a multi-residential property will increase the level of motivation to commit more crimes. It is much harder to deter a criminal who has successfully committed crimes on a multiresidential property.

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